Want You Around

1. Want You Around 2. News At 10 3. Sleeping With the Television On 4. Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)

In my book, Kurt Baker is one of the modern day greats of power pop. His modernized take on the timeless melodies of ‘60s pop is not to be missed. And he’s turned out an EP that is running neck-and-neck with the new Missing Monuments record for the title of F & L single of the year (watch the news tomorrow for the latest update). There’s lots to like about Kurt Baker - his voice, his songwriting chops, his awesome backing band, his cool hair. But what I might like best about him is that he takes me back to a time when “commercial” wasn’t a dirty word and pop hooks ruled top 40 radio. I first fell in love with popular music circa 1980-81 when I was nine and ten years old. Those were the days, man. Other kids my age were playing with toys. I was busy plugging quarters into pizza shop jukeboxes and reading Billboard magazine. Kurt’s younger than I am, but he seems to recall that era like he lived it. Heck, on this record alone he’s managed to cover songs from two of my three favorite albums of all time! And Rev. Norb’s narration recalls a time when the radio D.J. was king.
— Faster & Louder