From the archives: "The Leftovers / Accelerators Euro Tour 2007/08"

The Leftovers / Accelerators 

Euro Tour 2007/08



The Accelerators:

Ox – Bass, Vocals, Punk Rocker

Marlon – Guitar, lover of assorted nuts mixes 

Sander – Guitar, tour rookie (biggest bag!) 

Erik – Drums – the Man.


The Leftovers 

Adam: Drums, Madden Maniac 

Andrew – Guitar, Kind of mean 

Kurt – Bass, that’s me. 


Road Dawgs 

Matt  - Leftovers roadie, merch, SMASH! 

Jair – Tour Manager, Hornblower 

Martin – Driver, Chewing gum


12.18.07 Amsterdam/Rotterdam, NL 


Touch down Europe! It’s the first day of our European tour and I’m sick as a dog. I mean, I’m really really fucking sick. Sore throat, fever… the worst headache I’ve ever had. Dammit! The plane ride over was pretty good except for the fact that I was too sick to enjoy the inflight movies, and the actual MEAL that is included in these overseas flights! They even served complimentary wine to Matt and I, but I was too ill to enjoy it. Wasn’t to hungry either. Got off the plane and met Jair (Tour Manager) and Erik (Accelerators Drummer) in the terminal of the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. They are wicked nice dudes. We explained to them that I was sick as a dog. I had contracted some sort of flu/fever thing. This was not the ideal way to begin a tour! Erik took me to the First Aid station at the airport, where they informed me that I had a fever of 101.4. Luckily, for 40 Euro’s I was able to buy antibiotics! For some reason, I don’t think it would be so easy to do this in America. Apparently the suitcase with all our merchandise was left in New York. No! We boarded a train destined for Rotterdam, where we would begin the tour. I was in a haze, but I already began to feel better with the Antibiotics. I ate this nice Dutch pastry with chocolate in the middle and looked out the window of the train to see the sun rising, and silhouettes of windmills. Once we arrived to Erik’s flat I laid out my sleeping bag and proceeded to sleep for hours and hours and hours and hours. The other guys played videogames and drank beers with the Accelertors guys. I can’t believe it but we’re in Europe! 



12.19.07 Utrecht, NL 


Woke up at 3pm! Feeling a bit better now. We all went to this supermarket to get some food. An old Dutch woman began to speak to me and I had no idea what she was saying, but after she realized I was terrabily confused she smiled and spoke in perfect English. I helped her grab some juice from the top shelf. Something about this Dutch juice.. it’s so delicious. Kiwi Oranage smoothie goodness in these fancy glass bottles.. I think this is the best stuff I’ve ever had. With every sip I felt my energy coming back.  Here in Holland the sun rises at 9AM and sets at 5PM. Once we got back from the market with met up with Kevin Aper and a few other rockers. We drove to our first show in the college town of Utrecht by way of the N210, a road romantized in the Apers tune conviently titled “N210”. On the way we listened  to “Pet Sounds” and “The Kinks Are the Village Green Presivation Society”, I’m feeling a lot better now. Our first show was great tonight. We played with the Jizz Kids and Cap Guns n’ Coke from England, who both are rad! I think we went over pretty well with the crowd. They clapped for us! The club gave us a great meal, tasty vegan stuff with some couscous. We aren’t used to this kind of hospitality!  I didn’t drink any beers though, because I really want to get better soon and not get sick again. Maybe this weekend I can have some of that delicious European beer I’ve been longing for. It’s really cold here in Holland, maybe even colder than in Maine. I’m an idiot for not bringing my winter jacket. 



12.20.07 Rotterdam Rock City 


Had a wonderful breakfast at Erik’s this morning, I’m convinced he is the nicest dude. He even bought New York Styled bagels for us! Oh, one thing I forgot to mention about last nights show – there were tons of these huge Dutch dudes with dreads everywhere. It struck me as odd, but it must be a college thing. I found out after going to two separate banks that Traveler’s Checks haven’t been used around here for fifteen years or so. Great thing I’ve got all my money in Traveler’s Checks. We took a train into Rotterdam center, which is a very hip and modern town. The whole place was pretty much destroyed during World War 2. We challenged our roadie Matt to take as many pictures as he could with random Dutch girls, and he was most certainly up for the challenge. He got so many pictures. I think the girls dug his American bandana…hilarious! The show tonight was at this old old building in the middle of a bridge. Occasionally boats would come by and the draw bridge would come up.. we got yelled at for standing to close to the side of the bridge! The show was fantastic though. All the Apers and Stefan Stardumb came out. We had a good sound, and some people were dancing… the club was adorn in awesome Punk Rock and Pop Punk bands posters, relics from when Stardumb Records was considered the European version Lookout! Records. We got t-shirts sent in from Italy and they look great…even sold a few tonight. Stickers too! We finished the night with some Turkish Pizza, and we’re off to Belgium tomorrow. I’m going to get wasted!



12/21/07 Nijlen, BE


What a show tonight! Kids were going absolutely crazy! It’s incredible to be over here in Europe and see kids singing along to our songs. Playing “Dance With Me” was euphoric! The club was rad, and they were playing some great music in between bands – it’s kind of like “Pop Punk Heaven”. The kids here all dig the good shit. Why can’t it be like this in the USA? Before arriving in Belgium tonight, we woke up and got our huge van! We also stopped off at the largest guitar shop in the Netherlands…place was pretty friggin’ big and not as annoying as Guitar Center. Once we got everything packed up, it was off to Belgium. We had this makeshift TV with a DVD player installed into the van, so on the way we watched “Detroit Rock City” – I fucking love this movie, and I fucking love KISS! There is also a Runaways song in the Soundtrack which I think is pretty cool that Gene let them into the movie someway. When we arrived at the show we realized we were playing in a Youth Center, but this wasn’t an ordinary Youth Center, because they had a huge bar. That automatically made it the coolest Youth Center I had ever been to. Sebby Zatopek showed up to the show all the way from England, what a great guy. As mentioned, the show was crazy good…we did a 4 song encore. The Accelerators killed it. It’s still freezing and everything is frozen to shit. After many beers we went back to the promoters parents house to stay. It was a prestine environment to sleep in, not some dirty old squat! Nice! Breakfast would include delicious croisoints and sweet little Belgium pickles! We’ve got a haul of a drive to France coming up… 



12/22/07  Bordeaux, FR 


Pheeeewe! Is that a word? Anyway, huge big long drive today from Belgium all the way down to Bordeaux, France. All day spent in the van. I got some reading done and listened to the Beach Boys. We watched “The Girl Next Door” in the van, it was pretty good but no “Detroit Rock City”, that’s for sure. It passed the time at least. Bordeaux is an old beautiful city, even at night. We played in this old wine cellar and I got my self aquainted with lots and lots of the regions finest red wine. It was glorius! The Accelerators song “Kicked In Front of the Head” is totally new and I fucking love it! Hope they play it every night. After the show we went to some club and got even more drunk on red wine. This resulted is us running through the streets of Bordeaux chasing after guys in Santa costumes on rollerblades. Well, the French are pretty different! We all stayed in this one room flat. All nine of us were taking up every inch of the floor. Don’t even bother waking up to go to the bathroom because your going to step on somebody! 



12/23/07 Oviedo, ES 


Wow! Spain. I never thought I would be here. The drive from Bordeaux to Oviedo was absolutely  incredible and scenic. Mountains, beaches… this is Northern Spain! I got called out, caught for Buffalo Club. Had to chug a beer. Buffalo Club is a club we all joined with the Accelerators, in which all the members must always drink alcoholic beverages with their left hand. If caught drinking with your right hand, you must either chug the beer on the spot, or buy a round for everybody. We drove into Oviedo early and got to walk around the city a bit.  The club owner was a bit of a dick though, but the promoter named Nacho Fernandez is one of the coolest promoters we’ve met yet! We watched a bit of football in the bar, it was Madrid vs. Barcelona…a very serious match. Europeans take Football very serious, so we weren’t sure if the game would effect the turnout of the show, but it ended up being a packed room! Our first show in Spain went great, minus Adam having a few drum problems…regardless, we got a good stage groove going. Matt met some girls who kept on going into the bathroom to snort cocaine.. we nicknamed them the “Coca Girls”. After the gig we had a typical late Spanish dinner. Tapas man! Tasty. After the great meal we walked around the old city and went to some bars. Had a bunch of beers and listened to great music with the promoter, Nacho! Those crazy “Coca Girls” showed up again! After a few hours of hijinks, it was back to the hotel for a good nights sleep…tomorrow is a day off, and Christmas Eve! 



12/24/07 Oviedo, ES OFF DAY


It has come to my attention that Oviedo is actually the cleanest city in all of España! It’s Christmas Eve and we’ve got the day off in the city, so all of us decided to make the most of the holiday and our time together with nothing to do and all buy each other Secret Santa gifts. We all put our names into a hat and each got a member of the tour crew to buy a gift for. We spent the day at a mall in the center of the city, checking out all the different shops and searching for the perfect gifts. I had a great cup of coffee and then decided it was time to buy stamps. Unfortuantely, I don’t speak a word of Español, so this was a bit of an ordeal! After shopping we all regrouped and went back to the hotel. The owner of the Hotel was a nice little old man, and he let us have a large table in the closed Hotel restaurant to enjoy a big Christmas Eve feast! It was a blast to enjoy bread, cheese and ham all together… though we missed our famileses back in the States, for right now we had a new family to celebrate the holiday with! After dinner we exchanged gifts with each other, we all got some whacky stuff. Erik gave me two bottles of this Apple Cider that was famous in the region of Austrias that we were in! We really did it right, X-Mas style! After the celebrating, it was time to get a little crazier. Nacho came to meet us at the hotel and took us out to some clubs for some partying. A few of us called it an early night, but Marlon and Erik stayed up til 9AM! All night Christmas rager! I think Erik drank his first cup of Coffee in his entire life after that… I take that back, his first 6 cups of coffee. 



12/25/07 Logroño, ES 


Merry Christmas! What a different kind of Christmas, here in Spain and on tour. I’m usually waking up early at my families house in Wisconsin, but this year I’m in Europe and playing rock n’ roll music…I can totally get used to this!  Last night in Oviedo was so fun, and the Secret Santa gift exchange really brought our two bands together. I had gotten Andrew’s name so I bought him a cool book about monsters in Spanish! I had also acquired some really CHEAP bottles of wine… about 97 cents, so I bought 4. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with them.. they’ll probably be rolling around the floor of the van for the next week or so, pissing everybody off. Today brought us to Logroño, Spain, a city surrounded by mountains with a very desert like climate. It almost felt like New Mexico. The club we played in was super fancy…. It even had this big projector behind the stage that would show the band as we played…kinda like some crazy festival shit. In honor of the Holidays, we did a cover of the Leg Hounds song “Happy Holidays”, you know.. for the spirit and cheer of the occasion! I don’t think anybody knew what the song was, but we had some fun. A rad surf rock band played the show as well, and they were really great. I’ve come to the conclusion that Spanish girls are some of the most beautiful girls on the planet, and they like to dance to surf music! Bonus! We were put up in this swank hotel, with free cookies everywhere! I’m tired as hell, the rest of the band is out partying, but I’m calling it an early night. Adios! 


12/26/07 La Roca Del Valles, ES 


The Rock of the Valley! The show tonight is in a small town about 30 km from Barcelona, and the club is this ancient mill that has been turned into a rock club! The Accelerators had been here before, and as cool as the venue is, they were worried about the turnout because last time it wasn’t to hot. However, Spain doesn’t disappoint and right before show time the place filled in. There were some pretty big Leftover fans in the audience tonight and they persuaded us to do two encores! We aren’t used to this…usually we do our set and get the fuck off stage because nobody seems to give a shit. Here it’s different, and it’s so awesome to play for people that really wanna hear us make noise! Spain also has the best DJ’s, they all play the best Punk rock and power pop stuff. I’m lovin’ it. They really dig the Paul Collins Beat in every club we go to. I think I’ve heard “Rock N’ Roll Girl” in every club we’ve played. We stayed in this huge house, it was pretty cold inside because there was no heat, but there were all these huge crazy looking dogs outside…so sleeping in the van wasn’t really an option. I don’t need to get bitten by a dog on this tour! 



12/27/07 Madrid, ES 


We heard that Madrid would be a wicked party, but I don’t know if we knew how wild it would be. It was ridiculous. The Wurlitzer Ballroom was the venue for the night, and many of our friends and favorite groups have all played here. Apparently today was the Spanish version of April Fools day, so there were tons of fools and jokers running around the city. The shows promoter, Pepe, gave us a short tour of the city but advised us to watch our wallets! The Wurlitzer is smack dab in the center of town, it was exciting to be in the middle of it all, lots of energetic vibes. We knew that the show tonight was going to be special.  A girl from the show last night drove 7 hours to see us play in Madrid tonight! The club was absolutely packed to the brim, and I think we set a record for the most merch we’ve ever sold at a show. After a great set, it was PARTY TIME! We danced all throughout the night, non stop. Each song that the DJ played was my favorite song for that moment, it never ended. Beer and dancing and attractive Spanish girls! Wow! An amigo named The ANT took us to this Ramones Fan Club bar, and a few fans bought us a round of beers! They were very nice. Andrew drank some Absinthe and was out! I knew what I needed to do…Party more! So I ran back to Wurlitzer and kept on buying more Mahou and dancing until the sun came up. When the clubs custodian started to mop the floors I had realized that the party had been over for a few hours now, but I was still dancing it up, by myself. Erik and Marlon stayed up for the party with me and we were hanging out front of the club waiting for the van. It finally pulled around the corner and we jumped in and hit the road. Adios, Spain….you will be missed!