New Album "Let's Go Wild!" Out May 18th!


"Let's Go Wild!" the new 12 track full length by the Kurt Baker Combo is out May 18th on Wicked Cool Records!

1. So Lonely
2. Foolish Stuff
3. No Fun At All
4. Beg To Borrow
5. Let’s Go Wild
6. Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn Ya
7. Gotta Move It
8. Sick Of Waiting
9. A Girl Like You
11. Yesterday Today
12. Only Way To Life

Everyone needs a place where they can go wild. For Kurt Baker from Portland, Maine, purveyor of melodic, hooky rock inspired by guitar bands from decades past, that wild place turned out to be Madrid, Spain. Birthed in the land of flamenco and paella, the brand-new second album by the four-piece group of rock ’n’ roll ruffians known as Kurt Baker Combo makes their mission abundantly clear, as embodied in the title of their album being released by Wicked Cool Records on May 18: Let’s Go Wild!

“Our drummer Sam Malakian came up with the album title,” says Kurt from his home in the Spanish city he expatriated to a few years back, after finding intensely enthusiastic audiences for his music in the region. “Sam screams, ‘Let’s go wild!’ before we begin our show every night,” Kurt says admiringly of the band’s Russian-born, Spain-based timekeeper. The Combo is rounded out by two Spanish natives: bassist Juancho Lopez (Kurt: “He’s dedicated his life to rock ’n’ roll, not only as a musician but a promoter and manager”) and lead guitarist Jorge Colldan (“the Michelin-star chef of the band – his sopa de pescado [fish stew] is the miracle cure!” insists Kurt).

The Combo’s second album for Steven Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool label expands on the primarily power pop foundation of their last effort, 2016’s In Orbit (“a fast-paced, high-energy ride” – The Big Takeover). Let’s Go Wild!finds the foursome stretching out. “We’ve gotten more comfortable playing together since we started in 2014, and with that we’ve been able try out new styles,” Kurt explains.

“Originally we wanted to do a ‘genre study’ album, a junk shop glam record, or even barroom rock ’n’ roll like early Rod Stewart and The Faces,” he says. “But once I started writing, I kind of went all over the place. Like In Orbit, there are influences all over this record, from Ramones to Cheap Trick to Motown, but this time we are upping the ante and adding an extra punch.

“There was a definite intent to go into uncharted musical territory for the Combo with this record. Two bands I’m loving lately, who were influential in the writing and recording, are White Reaper and Death By Unga Bunga. I did write more songs on the piano this time around, which is great for branching out. I think we were successful, because it still sounds like us, but it’s different.”

Unlike the weeks-long process of recording the last record, Let’s Go Wild! was cut in five days and mixed in two. “This time we recorded at Paco Loco Studios in the south of Spain,” Baker says. “We didn’t leave the studio. Totally focused. Paco is a great producer, and having to track it in five days made us focus on the important aspects of the songs. We cut out a lot of the bullshit and just tried to make an exciting and rockin’ album that has urgency.”

Kurt Baker