Muy Mola Live!


1. Weekend Girls 2. Aorta Baby 3. Everybody Knows 4. Don't Look Back 5. Partied Out 6. Love Potion #9 7. Cry for a Carajillo 8. Want You Back 9. Tried and True 10. Dime Que Me Quieres 11. Don't Go Falling In Love 

No unplugged ballads, pretentious tinkering, or clumsy tuning up is heard here. Mean, lean, and keen rock and roll is what Kurt Baker Combo preaches. Vocals made of brass and muscle, augmented by swift and sweeping choruses bead the songs, while the drums explode with intensity, and the guitars buzz and pulsate with melodic sensibilities. The energy level is amazingly high, but harnessed tight. Tethered by gravity, the band sustains momentum from beginning to end.
— Something Else Reviews
Muy Mola Live!
By Kurt Baker Combo