Got It Covered

1. Let Me Out 2. Hanging On The Telephone 3. Pump It Up 4. I've Done Everything For You 5. Is She Really Going Out With Him? 6. Cruel To Be Kind 7. Turning Japanese 

As you might surmise from the title, the latest from Kurt Baker, “Got It Covered”, is an EP of cover tunes. With this effort, Baker does justice to seven wonderful tracks from the early 80s. You can feel Baker’s love for these songs and artists shining through in his respectful versions. Filled with upbeat and catchy song choices, the EP plays like a party and Baker has the vocals and attitude to match. “Got It Covered” is a jubilant ride down memory lane and a great introduction to Kurt Baker. He even dresses for the part!
— Now This ROCKS!
Got It Covered